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i-Tree Harvest Carbon Calculator: Stand Details

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Generated 06/16/2024

All C units tonnes/ha

Calculated values represent total carbon storage at each decade listed and average carbon storage across all years, 0-100 for:
  • Products: End-use products that have not been discarded or otherwise destroyed, such as construction products, containers, and paper products.
  • Landfill: Discarded wood and paper products in landfills.
  • Stored: The sum of Products and Landfill.
  • EnergyCapture: Combustion of wood products with energy capture as the carbon is emitted to the atmosphere (e.g. production of energy from forest products that could offset energy production from another source – also called Energy).
  • NoCapture: Carbon in harvested wood emitted to the atmosphere through combustion or decay without energy recapture (also called Emissions).
  • The i-Tree Harvest Carbon Calculator was originally known as the PRESTO Wood Calculator and was developed by scientists with the USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station and ESSA Technologies.